Learn How to Start Your Own Wildly Successful Hair Extension Business

Learn How to Start Your Own Wildly Successful Hair Extension Business

Learn How to Start Your Own Wildly Successful Hair Extension Business

38 Comments on Learn How to Start Your Own Wildly Successful Hair Extension Business

Avoid common mistakes that will destroy your business.

Learn How to Start Your Own Wildly Successful Hair Extension Business

That Can Earn $9300 a Month!


(Part 1 of 9)

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I get a lot of emails asking how to get started and break into the hair business. I did some searching and found that there was absolutely NO information like this on the Internet already that will teach you step-by-step on how to start your own successful hair extension business.

So you’re here because you want to start your own hair selling business & make a real living off of it?


This is the first & it is the only series of it’s kind: Where I Will Teach You Exactly How to Start Your Successful Hair Extension Selling Business, step-by-step.


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Secrets that work – I found insider information that is so overlooked that it is legitimately a “secret”.


  • Fast and easy to use – There is information that offers fast results and is actually easy to use yourself.


  • Almost too good to be true – You’ll be amazed that these results seem almost too good to be true.


We’re going to dig in and get the beginners who don’t have a business or anything to sell yet up and running.


If you already have a business, you might be tempted to skip this video. I wouldn’t. There’s a lesson here that even the most savvy business owner can profit from!



Who Am I?

I’m the lead problem solver at EasyWeave.com, your marketplace for buying wholesale hair extensions from suppliers around the world.


As the lead problem solver at EasyWeave, I’ve actually used these techniques to teach new sellers who used it to make $2800, $4500 & $9300 in monthly sales.


how to start hair extension business - easyweave.com

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how to start hair extension business - easyweave.com

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how to start hair extension business - easyweave.com

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As an expert, let me tell you, I see sellers making a lot of serious mistakes. I’ve seen the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.


I’m here to help you because I’ve personally coached sellers who made $2800 in the first month. And back in February we had a few sellers that made $4500 in the first month. The next month they pulled in over $9000!! It was unbelievable!


I studied the exact tactics that these successful shop owners use and now I want to reveal a lot of their secrets to success.


Why Should

You Care?


  • You will avoid the critical newbie mistakes that have destroyed other businesses and you’ll learn how to start your own wildly profitable hair business!


  • You get direct access to top-rated experienced vendors who will give you discounted wholesale rates.


  • You will be able to have others actually spread the word about your business for you – without paying or hiring them. You will attract more paying customers using this strategy.


  •  You will guarantees that your business is operating with jaw-dropping profits.


  •  You learn exactly what you need to out-compete your competitors and WIN!


  • You will be making a lot of sales so you can support a phenomenal lifestyle, support your family, make extra income and grow and expand your business like crazy.


  •  You can attract even more buyers with beautiful photos at a very small fraction of the cost of what the bigger companies are paying for photos.


  • Now you’re not limited to just accepting “Cash Only”. Take credit card payments & digital payments that get deposited straight to your bank account.


  •  You get to create your own unique brand very quickly & everything is under $50: Get your logo done in just 2-4 days, get 1000 business cards printed in 1 week & setup and get a free business phone number.


  •  All the hard work of researching, trial and error has already been done for you. Now you can easily decide which shipping carrier is best for you & your business.


What You

Need To Know


You’re probably even thinking the hair industry is so overly saturated! “Everyone is selling hair now!” That’s good news and that means there’s a huge demand for it!


No matter what stage you’re at in life…Even if you have no experience with hair extensions.


Who Is This For?

  • It’s for career women.
  • It’s for students.
  • It’s for moms.
  • It’s for YOU!


Whatever your goal may be. Whether it’s to:


  • To start, grow & expand to other cities


  • Supply your hair salon/ hair boutique


  • Pay off tuition


  • Make extra money for your family



Jennifer Made $2800 in Her First Month

And You Can Too


I absolutely love telling inspirational stories.


So a few months back I got an email from a lady telling me about how she had a part time job and is also in school, but was really struggling financially!


She needed to make enough money to pay her rent and buy books & food.


With my coaching she was able to make $2858 in that first month alone!



(Profile image blurred for privacy)


And when she came back to tell me how happy she was and how thankful she was that it really worked…that’s what did it for me. And in that moment I decided that I needed to teach this to more people.



Create Value

Solve a Problem


So if you are like me you sit and think. And think. And think some more! You go online & try to research for what type of business you can do only to end up feeling frustrated and downright hopeless.


Well I’ve been there before! I feel your pain. And that’s why I started EasyWeave. Out of pure frustration and passion to do better.


I started EasyWeave a while back right after college. I was on the verge of graduation but I just wasn’t happy because I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur & create a business. But not just any old business, I wanted to create something that would really be valuable to people & really solve a problem!


I wore hair extensions a lot and I would get compliments. Ladies ALWAYS asked me about the hair quality and where I got it. This happened over-and-over again!


Then I realized that there was a huge need for a platform with a variety of quality sellers, all in one place, where women could see real & honest reviews from past customers…AND BOOM! EasyWeave.com was born!


16 Months Studying Winners & Losers + Engineering Skills


Here’s why I can help you. I’m an Engineer, which really taught me the problem solving skills I use today at EasyWeave


And it’s taken me 16 months to figure out this system as I’ve watched a countless amount of people fail miserably.


The hair industry is very competitive and very large; with that being said there’s still a lot of money to be made if you do it right and follow the steps that I outline in this success series.



It Ain’t For Everybody


But this is NOT for everyone. If you’re looking for a magic bullet without putting in the challenging work of following this proven hair business success system, this isn’t for you.

Plus, NOT everyone can handle new wealth…or the demands of so many more customers coming in your door.


You Should Never Limit Yourself.

Take Action.


Don’t let psychological barriers stop you. When we see other people getting amazing results (like examples I just showed). One of our unconscious responses is to get suspicious.


We say to ourselves “this is too good to be true”…Which lets us protects ourselves from having to take action.


It’s your decision. Don’t wait around to “figure it out”. We all have that friend that still talks about “figuring it out”. Do you really want to be that person?


You have to take ACTION. Start your hair search here!


This video series is normally valued at $5000 because the information in it is hidden secrets and proven strategies used by successful business owners that I have personally mentored who have used it to make $9300 per month in sales.



-The EasyWeave Team

PS: Hmm? You say you don’t have the money to order a very large wholesale order, just yet? Don’t worry. I’ll show you how to find wholesale packages that have smaller minimum order quantities.



Because first, you need to understand Step Number Two: To truly be a success you must…

Find a Reliable Vendor

Who is honest.

Won’t disappoint you.

And actually cares about your success!


If you want to know how to compete against the best and win then check out the next video where I’ll show you exactly how to find a good, reliable vendor that offers bulk wholesale deals.

About the author:

EasyWeave lets you buy wholesale hair extensions from suppliers around the world. Find Your Hair, Fast. Easy to Find Your Perfect Supplier . Customize Your Order. Secure, PayPal Payments. Follow our beautiful journey on Instagram @easyweave where you'll see irresistible deals.

  • na

    Thank you for the tips I’m actually looking forward to open my hair business but do I need a resale certification and business license to buy hair on easyweave supplies?

    • Hi Na, glad to hear that you’re looking to start your own hair extension business. Not quite, although a good option you might consider it it’s a good idea to setup an DBA (doing business as) & LLC and bank account that is separate from your personal. It’s not necessary before you get started but it’s something to consider in the future.

      • na

        Thank you! Easy weave support! So now is it possible to start buying hair even though I don’t have a resale certification or a business license to buy on asyweave please tell how should I do now cause I have little bit of money to start. Will they be able to sale me as a reseller.help !

        • You’re very welcome Na. Yes they will be able to sell to you, check out this guide on how to make a purchase on EasyWeave.

          • na

            Thank you dear!

          • D Jacobs


            Would you have any advice on how to go about starting a specific or custom hair company? For example a ‘natural hair’ line, featuring hair that’s been made to mimic natural black hair textures. How would one go about finding a manufacturer to create the custom hair?

            Thank you :)

          • EasyWeave

            Hello Jacobs,

            My best advice is to reach out to some of the sellers on Easyweaave and ask them about your request. You might have to explain in great detail what exactly you are looking for.

  • Kesha Rivera


    • Hi Kesha,

      Yep, sure will. I don’t see why not :) You’d still need to find your primary vendor source.

      We wish you all the best! Let us know if you have any other questions.

      • Kesha Rivera

        Thank you so much, I look forward to learning more from you !

  • Margareth

    Hi guys, I’m in South Africa, do you ship to South Africa?
    and also I hear 6A is good quaity, what would you recommend? I want to sell goood quality hair.

    • EasyWeave

      Hello Margareth,

      Yes many of our sellers on our platform ship to countries around the world.

      6A may be decent quality but we typically recommend getting 8A, or 7A hair if it is your first time ordering.

  • Nisha

    Hello. Ok, so now that I have a reliable vendor what would be the next step?

    • Hi Nisha – That’s great. The next step would be to place your order. We’ve got a short article that shows you how to do that here.

  • Brandy

    How do I download the ebook? Please help I been trying for two days now.

    • Hi Brandy – Seems we had a technical hiccup. Please try holding down the ctrl button while clicking refresh. It should work for your now.

      Let us know if it doesn’t. We’ll be happy to help you quickly if you email our support group via the Contact Us page in the footer of EasyWeave.com

      Hope this helps!

  • Hello, could you comment on the minimum investment that someone would need to have ready and available to start a hair extensions business wholesale? I can’t seem to find that kind of information anywhere.

    • Hi Melinda,

      Thanks for reaching out. That’s a great question. You’ve got to experiment. It’s a trial and error process depending on who your target audience is, your location etc. Play with it and get to know your customer base and soon enough you’ll have a routine ordering pattern down. Order what you can afford and see how long it takes you to sell out of that first batch. It’s really a guess and check process.

      Check out our video on Superstar vs Amateur Hair Businesses where we talk about this. Hope this helps!


      -The EasyWeave Team
      Let’s link up on Instagram @easyweave

  • Sharnice

    I just downloaded my ebook!! Cant wait!

    • EasyWeave

      We are happy to hear that! Let us know if you need any help with anything else!

    • We are happy to hear that! Let us know if you need any help with anything else!

  • ReneeBrown

    Its so cool that the ebook is digital! It also has videos! (your hair looks nice btw) :)!!!

  • Kynika Green

    How do we find vendors?

  • Nicole Comer

    Hi my name is Nicole and I’m newly interested in selling hair for a living. I used to be a tomboy and always wore braids and ponytails. Weaves were never my thing. Well for the past 2 years all that has changed. I’m getting more into my womanly looks and I love wearing weave now. Now I want to get into selling them. I love my hair man but I want to become my own. Can you help me with the steps in getting started in a successful hair selling business?

  • Niaisha White

    How do you know if the hair is good quality hair? I don’t want to sell horrible hair

    • Very good question Niaisha! Typically we recommend asking the supplier for a small sample of hair, anywhere from 1-3 bundles. Once you get the hair, test the hair by washing it, rinse, let it dry, apply heat to it, and see how it holds up. Watch for any shedding and look to see if the hair strands are all the same color. Typically real hair may have some strands of brown, but overall it should have a 1B color tone to it.

  • Sharrie Handley

    Hi I’m really interested in selling hair with good quality how do I get started ?

    • We recommend starting off with our ebook, then signing up to Easyweave to search for credible suppliers.

  • ary

    how many bundles should you start off with to sell

    • It all depends on how much inventory you are willing to carry? How long do you expect to hold on to this inventory? Another good way to determine your initial inventory is to ask some potential customers how much bundles would they like to buy and for how much….get them to commit to buying your inventory before you even have it, that way once you get your inventory it will be sold quickly.

  • Tameshiaye A Poole

    Thank you for your insight! I have been looking everywhere for the secret of this business. I have always been business oriented this helps me have a foundation to guide me to sucess . Like you said there are those that want it , those who wish to have it &. Those that make it happen . I truly believe it . I’m starting giving my last to buy your book . I know soon I will be sharing my sucess story with you . Thank you again !

  • Sade

    How do you download the ebook? I’ve been trying for some hours.

  • Thats great news! we love hearing about our entrepreneurs getting success!

    In the meantime we advise that you continue selling using your instagram/social media pages. See how that goes for a couple of months and then use a pre-built template from Shopify to create an affordable site. Whatever you do, dont spend alot of money on your website, always start off small/cheap when building your site, then as things progress you can spend more money on your website.


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